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Luis Pozo-Gilo

Full Stack Developer & Semantic Web Researcher.
Hi!, I'm Luis. I'm a Full-stack developer. Currently I'm working as research assistant at the Ontology Engineering Group. My work is mainly focused on the development of new tools to improve the generation of Knowledge Graphs.


Latest Academic Publications

Morph-CSV: Virtual Knowledge Graph Access for Tabular Data

ISWC 2020
In this paper we present Morph-CSV, a frameworkfor enhancing virtual knowledge graph access over a set of CSV files by using a combination of CSVW annotations and RML mappings withFnO transformation functions. Exploiting these inputs, the frameworkcreates an enriched RDB representation of the CSV files together withthe corresponding R2RML mappings, enabling the use of existing querytranslation (SPARQL-to-SQL) techniques and tools. [...]
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Mapeathor: Simplifying the Specificationof Declarative Rules for KnowledgeGraph Construction

ISWC 2020
In this paper we present a user-friendly mapping-language-independent tool, Mapeathor, to declare transformation rulesbased on spreadsheets and translate them into two different mappinglanguages with the purpose of easing the mappings creation process. [...]
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Recent Projects

Morph-csv's architecture


Morph-CSV is an open source tool for querying tabular data sources using SPARQL.
Mapeathor's architecture


Mapeathor translates your mapping rules specified in spreadsheets to a mapping language.
Man searching drugs for specific disease


An open web service to exploit the existing scientific literature about coronavirus identifying drugs, diseases and articles.
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